Understanding challenges and opportunities of Power Technology Sector in Kenya

January 27, 2017

Julius Korir, Principal Secretary of State Department of Industry and Enterprise Development at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Co-operatives. Robert Pavel Oimeke, Director of Renewable Energy from the Energy Regulatory Commission. Zulandi Van Der Westhuizen, Deputy Director Scenarios and Resources from World Energy Council. Jonathan Lodompui, Director of Enablers and Macro Directorate at Kenya Vision 2030 will be addressing the audience at the conference.

Assessment, Implementation and Integration of Renewable Energy Sources, Smart Grid/Off-grid solutions and overcoming financial as well as infrastructural challenges with focus on development in the sub-Saharan region. The upcoming summit brings together senior stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues in Africa affecting the development of Power. This forum is designed to connect major power developers, independent power producers and the solution providers, including consultancies, project management firms and legal advisories a platform to discuss and debate best practices which can be instrumental in maximizing the power in the region will be explored.

Discussion on the above topic will not only help in better understanding of the power sector in the sub-Saharan region, it will also provide the best platform to the solution providers who can showcase their products and services at the conference. It will also interest all the stake holders who are willing to invest in the power sector of Africa as the market industry is enormous, business opportunities are abound.

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